Torahtron brings fresh, exciting, interactive-educational plays with Jewish content.  This is an experience that children, educators and parents are able to share: to be spectators together, to learn from one another as they interact, work through the educational kit provided and reflect together about the performance.  



Theater is a powerful communication tool that provides a live experience, a co-presence here and now that activates deep emotions, especially in comparison to the ever-growing virtual presence. 



We create and present interactive, original, educational shows with Bible and Jewish themes. Our professional cast performs in synagogues, JCCs, schools as well as theater venues. Our shows are suitable for every range of religious observance and understanding, and they come along with an educational kit with a curriculum of playbills and suggested activities. We offer supplementary sessions as talk back with the actors, and we provide workshops for educators.


Torahtron is made by a professional team of artists and educators, with experience in educational theater, Jewish education and performing arts. 

“We believe that theatrical representations of this quality bring children closer to the cultural values of our people”. 

Daniel Gazit – Israel Ambassador in Argentina.


"Torathron brings an innovative and artistic learning and experiential opportunity to all students in Jewish education."

Gaby Rascovsky  — Membership and Religious School Director at Beth Torah Benny Rock Campus

"The Toratrón is an original project that allows children and adults approach the values of our people in a novel, educational and fun way. It is a work of great educational value. "

Judith Iumal

Director of the Department Education of BAMA and representative of the Jewish Agency for Israel.