Torahtron is a professional Jewish Educational Theatre ensemble that aims to engage children and adults in Jewish values and traditions, through interactive shows.


Following closely the Torah passages, biblical interpretations and Jewish traditions and with an outstanding artistic quality, each show by Torahtron reveals the magic lying in the Jewish culture, promoting the interest and curiosity in a unique, fun and profound way. 


Torahtron offers shows, interactive performances for events, Sedarim and luncheons and workshops for educators.


Torahtron has engaged more than 10,000 spectators (children, adults and educators). Bring Torahtron to your school, JCC, synagogue, camp or organization.

“Torahtron is a theatrical midrash, richly and creatively expressed through music, props, sets and clever, contemporary language. It reminds us how powerful the arts medium is in conveying multilayered meaning and emotion.”

Joy Schandler, RJE – Director of Congregational Education, CAJE Miami

“I love Torahtron! Steeped with Jewish content and values and rich with sensory engagement, Torahtron is witty as it is profound, enchanting as it is powerful, and interactive as it is emotionally moving. Evelyn and her team have created an artistic and delightful immersive Jewish experience that will bring joy and meaning to people across many cultures and backgrounds.”
- Shuki Taylor, Executive Director, M²: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education